ATTIA TECH – Page 2 – Computer and internet technology explained!

Computer and internet technology explained!

  • Promote your site with Audio, Video and Podcasting!

    Why do I Need Audio, Video or Podcasting on My blog? Successful internet businesses all depend upon one common factor. That common factor is traffic. Traffic equals sales. Sales equal profit. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that a successful business must make sales and a profit and in order to make […]

  • Social Networking explained!

    Social networking isn’t a new phenomenon. It wasn’t invented in the twenty-first century. Every Elks Lodge, Lions Club, Chamber of Commerce, Church, Sewing Circle, Book Club, etc. that ever existed afforded an opportunity for social networking. Some social networking groups are secretive. They have passwords and secret signals that help one member identify another member. […]

  • Social Bookmarking explained!

    What is Social Bookmarking? According to Wikipedia, social bookmarking is defined as: “Social bookmarking is an activity performed over a computer network that allows users to save and categorize a personal collection of bookmarks and share them with others. Users may also take bookmarks saved by others and add them to their own collection, as […]

  • Blogging explained!

    Blogging is hot right now. It might even be called a buzz word. But it is also the wave of the future for Internet marketing. ‘Blog’ is a term that is actually a combination of two common words. Those two common words are ‘web’ and ‘log’. They have been combined into the term ‘blog’ which […]

  • Web 2.0 Sites technologies

    You witnessed, were a victim of or have at least heard about the bursting of the dot com bubble in the fall of 2001. Fortunes that had been made overnight were lost overnight. The sky was falling. It was a very scary time for a lot of people. Some said that the World Wide Web […]

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