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Hello, I'm Abdelrahman Attia A professional Java software developer and..


I’m Abdelrahman Attia

A professional Java software developer and technician

I started my journey in software development since 2003-2004,

I have much experience in many software development fields from the scientific point o f view and the practical programming experience, i have experience in computer vision and image processing theories programming , now i work as a freelancer , of course i have experience in enterprise management system development using J2EE and it’s frameworks, i can help u much in your work as a consultative or a freelancer as u like!

if u r interested just email me, and i would be happy for that, thanks very much..

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Abdelrahman Attia

Professional Software Developer

P: 01005746655

E: arhman.attia@gmail.com


10 namer st, Shipeen el kawm, 32514, EG,

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